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A Research on the Use of Agricultural Pollution and Pesticide: Manisa Province, Sarıgol and Alasehir Sample

Uncontrolled and uncontrolled chemical struggle in our country causes environmental pollution and health problems. Pesticides have negative effects on human health and environment with their residues when not used in accordance with the recommendations. The negative effects of pesticide use on human and environmental health are becoming a concern for the society. Therefore, monitoring of pesticide residues in various matrices including soil and agricultural products becomes compulsory. As a matter of fact, 0.015-6.0% of the pesticide application reaches the target organism, the remaining 94-99.9% reaches the non-target organisms and soil in the agro-ecosystem, or the pesticides applied to the forest or gardens reach the air, water and soil and from the surrounding area. It enters the waters as chemical pollutants due to drift and discharge to natural ecosystems. The majority of the producers in our country decide the product (pesticide) application time and determine the drug and dosage to be used. Those who do not comply with the recommended dose of the drug and those who administer a high dose of the product are also considerable. The majority of producers do not care about the residual problem of crop protection products in agricultural products and do not take this into account when applying. The waiting times of the drug are often not followed. When preparing agricultural products, agricultural workers have other people and even their children, and they do not do enough personal cleaning after using the products. This research is based on Turkey's most important link with the production and export centers of the district of Manisa Alasehir and purposeful from Sarigol made with selected manufacturers with ties survey sampling techniques. The information, attitudes and behaviors exhibited by the producer while using pesticides against the pests and diseases of the vineyard were also determined in this study. This research is of great importance in terms of shedding light on other researches and researchers as one of the few academic studies conducted in the region.

1st agricultural pollution, 2nd pesticide, 3rd Alaşehir, 4th Sarıgöl, 5th environmental pollution, 6th vineyard, 7th soil mother


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